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UN-SWAP combines a harmonized set of seventeen measurable indicators on standardized institutional functions and results with a full set of gender equality requirements that are both attainable and sustainable

Introduction Description

In 2012 (updated in 2018), the United Nations Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB) endorsed the System-Wide Action Plan on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (the UN-SWAP). As the first unified accountability framework for accelerating gender mainstreaming in the UN system, the UN-SWAP provided UN entities with a set of indicators to benchmark performance and measure progress across all business areas and gender-related SDG results.

Up to 2023, 74 UN entities reported on the UN-SWAP indicators.

Click for the latest factsheet of UN system-wide progress by a total of 50 achievement areas (from 2023 UN-SWAP reporting).

Click for the UN-SWAP Implementation Brief to learn about the SWAP journey since 2012.


Introductory Text

Explore the library section to gain greater insight into how gender considerations are mainstreamed across key business functions in the UN system. The UN-SWAP secretariat also organizes periodic workshops and an annual conference where focal points can learn from each other about initiatives and approaches proven to be effective. The UN-SWAP reporting platform includes a knowledge hub that hosts a growing library of guidance notes, capacity-building materials, research reports and good practices from all participating UN agencies.



UN-SWAP 2.0 entity performance results 2023

Seventy-three UN entities, which make up 96% of the UN system, reported against UN-SWAP 2.0 in 2022.
This web page contains a summary of 2022 UN system-wide reporting results, as well as the report scorecard per each individual entity.

Manuals and Guidance


UN-SWAP 2.0 framework & technical guidance 2023

UN-SWAP 2.0 Technical guidance that guides reporting and is updated with references and good practices annually.

Manuals and Guidance Policy


Guidance on the preparation of a gender equality and the empowerment of women policy

Guidance on how to develop a UN-SWAP 2.0-aligned gender equality and empowerment of women policy at the corporate level

Manuals and Guidance Strategic plans


Guidance on UN strategic planning and gender equality and the empowerment of women

Guidance on what to consider when developing a high-level result on gender equlity and the empowerment of women for the strategic plan, including examples from UN entities.

Briefs and brochures


UN-SWAP 2.0 Brochure

An introduction of UN-SWAP 2.0 framework,including the key timelines, how it's implemented, and the system-wide changes it has propelled.

Good practices


UN-SWAP Good Practice 2022

Empowered by the UN-SWAP 2.0, UN Women is able to identify and coordinate the system-wide adoption of good practices and harmonized products that can be scaled from one entity to another. UN Women selects and publishes a series of good practices from various entities on annual basis, normally through the UN-SWAP review reports and the updated technical guidance. This catalog aggregates various best practices under UN-SWAP 2.0 indicators, updated in 2022.

UN-SWAP Helpdesk

Serving as a central resource for GEWE at the corporate level, the UN-SWAP secretariat has provided direct support to reporting entities since 2013.  Please contact the UN-SWAP secretariat via